• Six different cover page designs, which are fully customizable by choosing your own color scheme.The customized color you select carries seamlessly throughout the entire report for continuity.

    • Sales Comparables
    • Rent Comparables
    • On Market Comparables

    Comprehensive, yet displayed in a clean and elegant way. Our sales, rent and on market comparables are unique from the typical design seen in offering memorandums and proposals. CREOP’s design not only displays the vital information of the comparable property, but graphically illustrates how each specific comparable compares to its peers. Design patent pending.

  • Our web based software automatically calculates the financial metrics and illustrates them using attractive charts and graphs. CREOP charts include cap rate, price per unit, price per square feet, unit mix, income and expense analysis, cash on cash, IRR disposition sensitivity analysis and much more.

    • Local Map
    • Regional Map
    • Aerial Map
    • Parcel Map
    • And upload your own maps

    CREOP will automatically map your property giving you complete control of the macro / micro zoom ability. You also have the ability to upload your own maps. There is no limit to the amount of maps you can upload. CREOP auto maps the comparable properties for sale comps, rent comps and on-market comps.

  • Our cash flow projections are comprehensive, but easy to read. CREOP crunches all the numbers and automatically generates up to ten years of income, expenses and cash flow analysis which gives the impression it took you days to put together. Along with the projections, CREOP charts the cap rate, income vs. expense, cash flow and displays financial metrics over the time frame such as; operating expense ratio, breakeven ratio, income PSF and expense PSF.

  • Our software is cloud based, which means it resides on our dedicated, high security servers, so there is nothing to download onto your computer. One big benefit of this feature is you can work on your properties from any computer that has Internet access. And if your hard drive crashes, you won’t lose any data. Another benefit is you do not need to worry about updating the software every time we make an improvement or enhancement.

  • We designed our online application to be very user friendly. But some of us don’t have the time to input property information. If you fall into that camp, you may want to take advantage of our ‘Broker Assistant’ program, where you can pay $195 and we will do all the inputting for you and give you a completed package.

  • When you have a listing presentation, why not put your best foot forward? So many brokers win the listing over their competition because their proposal is superior and more comprehensive to their peers when using CREOP. We will ‘hard code’ your company bio and marketing plan to your account, so every time you select Proposal, those items will be included in your report.

    The CREOP platform allows our members to include UNLIMITED additional files to their property reports. If you have a comprehensive company biography and marketing plan, no problem. Also add your own marketing trends and demographic reports and anything else you would like to include.

  • With CREOP’s escrow and deal room, you can be more efficient by tracking your deal’s progress and contact information all in one place. Using our Escrow Room, you can keep contact information pertaining to the deal in one place, such as Title Office, Escrow Officer, Co-operating Broker, etc. You can also track the progress each escrow with key dates. Our Deal Room allows you to keep all the transaction documents in one place categorized according to you. It’s the most ‘user-friendly’ deal room compared to other “deal rooms” on the market.


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